120 Hexagon fish tank with stand,light,and filter.100 firm twenty gal tall,some decor, wine holder stand.Zilla digital power center 20Combined Terrarium Heat Habitat Lighting Temperature Controller1540 gal breeder with screen top with large half log hideout75
Huge tank, cricket keeper, water bowl, food bowl, lights, hammock, and rock all included with Dragon. The dragon is very precious and socialized. Lizard plus all accessories for 120.
I have alot of reptiles up for grabs. Pics as needed, I do have a busyish schedule now so warning ahead of time not trying to be difficultVeiled Chameleon 50Leopard Young 40Leopard Full grown Female 60Banana Ball Python 300Super Pastel Ball 250Red Tail Boa 250Crested Gecko 502x10 Gals 102x20 Gals 20Vented chameleon cages x2 cant be sold tell the animal is sold 35